Summer Writing Goals

My friend Katie asked me to send her my writing goals for the summer.  Such a great friend.  I need people to hold me accountable.  A writer herself and recently published in The Atlantic, she understands that writers (especially this one) need a bit of pushing.  So without further adieu, here they are:

  1. Send entry for the Norman Mailer Writing Award.
  2. Send work to the AROHO Waves Anthology.
  3. Go after bigger fish, at least one big fish.
  4. Continue to work on and finish “A Personal History of Mushroom Hunting,” “Blackberrying” and “Mussels Aplenty.”  Send those out, possibly to 1, 2, and 3.
  5. Send work to Brevity, possibly a very revised “The Philodendrons at the Airport.”
  6.  Revisit old work, especially those experimental pieces about your grandparents’ farm.
  7. Keep working at making writing habitual.  Read the audio version of The Power of Habit on Overdrive on your daily runs with Frida May, the very best canine companion and running partner.
  8. Read. An easy goal, and your favorite part of the job of writing.  Especially the Jo Ann Beard essays that distort the fiction/ non-fiction boundary that Valerie recommended, “Undertaker Please Drive Slow” and “Werner.”
  9. Continue updating your website.  Look at other writers’ sites like Rebecca D. Martin’s to see how it’s done.
  10. Think more about a book.  Collection of essays?  Memoir?  An experimental work, that builds from “To Water”?

About kknebel

Residing with her two daughters in the St. Louis Metro East Area, Katrina Knebel is a jack of all trades. Gardener, 1x marathon runner, food lover, high school English teacher, and writer—Katrina has earned her MA in English from SIUE and teaches Creative Writing, Composition, and the facts of life to her senior students.
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